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English Department
English 9 (ENG100)

English 10 (ENG200)

English 11 (ENG300)

English 12 (ENG400)

Journalistic Writing (ENG503)
Writers Workshop (ENG513)
Theater Arts I (ENG523)
Expository Writing (ENG533)
Creative Writing (ENG553)
Advanced Speech (ENG573)
Writing for Film Analysis (ENG593)



Science Department
Environmental Science (SCI100)
Physical Science (SCI100)
Biology (SCI200)
Chemistry (SCI300)
Physics (SCI400)
Biotechnology (SCI503)
Anatomy and Physiology (SCI563)
Biochemistry (SCI663)



Social Studies Department
United States History (SOC100)
World Civilizations (SOC200)
Contemporary American History (SOC300)
Recent American History (SOC320)
Political Science (SOC403)
Forum (SOC413)
Geography (SOC423)