2011 Claymation Productions


Collin, Johnny, Patrick Erin, Braidan, Max Autumn, Sean, and Gracie Ethan V., Sawyer, and Paige
Hunter, Timmy Acacia, Kristen, Jake Chloe, Zach, and Tyler Henry, Ella, and Christian
Jack, Meena, Asha, Connor Gabe and Austin Gracie, Cameron, and Sydney Hogan, Bailey, and Riley
JohnD, Isaac, Harry, Jared Kaycia, Jasmine, Josh, and Carla Julia, Leah, and Garrett Katie, Britney, and Arbri
Timaree and Randey Maddy, Ethan and Hector Julie, Jake, and Ashley Keion, Sarah, Chloe K. and Grace
Victoria, Sierra, Cami, Mya Sam, Chloe C., Elisa Kyle, Stone, and Joanna Kevin, Ben R., and Ben L.
Cassie, Ava, Anna, Afton Carter, Lexi, and Lauren Merritt, Casey, and Nick Lindsey, Kathleen, and Lauren
  Dilame, Chloe G. and Jared Sophie, Jenna, and Will