Fourth Grade

Click here to see our Claymation movie!

We've studied everything from Picasso and architecture, to lines found in nature and clay from the earth.


We studied Picasso this year. We learned about him through videos, interactive web sites and songs!
Then we painted our own Picasso's! Take a peek...

We also studied about lines found in nature. Specifically trees. We learned the technique of "V" trees and applied it to a variety of different mediums.We then used the method of cross-hatching to shade and define the trees. The best results came from using iridescent scratch art paper. Take a look!:


We studied pointillism as well and created "eyes" made entirely out of little "points" / dots...


We also explored architecture and landscaping. They created houses out of craft sticks and cardboard then used foliage, paint and gravel to create incredible landscapes as well!