Third Grade


In third grade we have learned about perspective, clay and the history of masks.


We learned about one and 2point perspective. The students created make-believe towns with a Main St. as the focal point.



We made animal miniatures using Model Magic. The animals could be fictional or non-fictional:


We explored the history behind masks, and created our own using paper mache and mask forms.

We did a lot of study with warm and cool colors as well. We made washes using color diffusing paper, and quilt designs using pearler beads ...all of which needed to contain either warm or cool colors (student choice).


We studied Piet Mondrian, an artist who enjoyed working with primary colors. We then created our own paintings using tape to shape the design and then once the paint dried, pulled the tape off to reveal the straight edges.


We worked a bit with "natures" art supplies, by using beans, seeds and rice to create landscapes.

Most recently, we studied some of the artwork of the Aborigines of Australia. We then created our own "X-Ray" fish, which took us a total of 5 class periods to complete.

The students focus was fantastic, and their end results were proof of their hard work!


First, they made a pencil drawing of the fish, organs and outline, then colored it in using colored pencils...


Next, they colored the outline of the fish using marker...


Finally, they used black markers to create the various detailing within each of the sections...