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New: The PVE Aquarium!

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This is a section that visits the Art Classroom and some of the other activities that happen.

They are what makes the art room such a creative and fun place to be!


The Art Room...

Entering the Room

Tables and Cubbies (Smocks Trying to Stay in their Containers!)



The students are always adding to my smiley face collection! :-)



Each Table Has Their Own Broom, and Dustpan.

The students are completely responsible for cleaning up their projects / materials when class is over...and they do a great job! Every class, every grade.

The Free Choice Area is available when students finish their artwork early. There are many options, from clay and drawing / coloring tools to puzzles, felt, games and 3-D building sets.

A student created a felt scene during a free choice time. She used some pre-made shapes, and some were created by students and herself.

Playing with Construction Straws is a BIG Free choice favorite, from Kindergarten to Fourth Grade! It involves problem solving, teamwork and patience... but the end results are always amazing!


Fourth Graders

All good things must come to an end!


Free Choice in Action




The PVE Aquarium!!!

In the spirit of National Youth Art month  (March), I decided to do an all school project. Each grade level created a "species" that would be part of the aquarium. Kindergarten created "Texture Fish" using texture surface rubbings as the scales. 1st Grade made "Sand Crabs", 2nd Grade made "Fabric Fish" (scales made up of various fabric remnants) 3rd grade created "Model Sea Creatures" (made from Crayola Model Magic Dough) and finally 4th grade created "Paper Puffer Fish" (Paper mache). All 400+ creatures were then put into an Art Aquarium made up of construction paper, cellophane wrap and metallic paper. The whole project takes up an entire hallway wall. My thought behind the project was that we are all in this aquarium environment (school) and we are all different and unique. However, when you step back and see how we all "swim" together (some of us just trying to stay afloat ;-) it is quite a remarkable sight! Take a look at the end result...



"Sand" Crabs and Model Magic Creatures make up the Bottom of the Aquarium

Kindergarten Texture fish can be seen in various "school's" around the aquarium.

Many creatures are suspended in the "water" of the aquarium.