Second Grade


Wow, what a year! We have learned about famous artists, Kachina dolls and have explored clay, to name just a few things we've experienced so far!


When we did our Native American unit, we also learned about Kachina dolls and their significance in Native American culture.We explored their design and color through coloring pages and stories. This year we created our own Kachina's using "Model Magic", while putting our own personal interests in them.

Here are a few:






We also explored clay this year. Specifically, how to create coils and incorporate them into forms (i.e. pots)





Recently, we learned about the artist Michelangelo. We learned how he created the Fresco paintings on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel. He created the majority of it practically laying on his back (he was very contorted), and it took him four years to complete! So, we decided to try it ourselves. First we drew a picture on the table using our dominant hand. Then, we placed another piece of paper under our tables and laid on our backs. We used markers attached to the ends of paintbrushes and tried to redraw our original drawing.
Finally, when it was time to color it in, we had to use our non-dominant hand
(i.e., if you are a "lefty" you had to color using your right hand).

There were a lot of laughs, and the students really had a new
appreciation for the talent that Michelangelo possessed.


The Michelangelo drawings begin..



Then we colored (using our non-dominant hands!)...


And the results are in...

Student ----------------------------------------------Michelangelo"ized"

Student ----------------------------------------------Michelangelo"ized"


Student ----------------------------------------------Michelangelo"ized"

Student ----------------------------------------------Michelangelo"ized"


Student ----------------------------------------------Michelangelo"ized"


We also tried our patience at a project that took us three classes to finish. The study was on items / animals found in nature. So, the students made a stencil drawing of their choice and rolled up tissue paper "balls",
which were then glued down to the tag board...






We did a study of collages as well. We explored an interactive "collage machine" at NGA kids artzone.
Then we created our own collages using a HUGE variety of donated and found items!